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10 Creepiest Women in Classic Fairy Tales

Today we are used to every fairy tale ending with, “and they all lived happily ever after.” But that’s not how the original stories usually ended. Many of the old school, pre-Disneyfied fairy tales took a much darker turn. And that’s mostly due to how creepy and terrifying the villains were. Old hags, evil queens, malevolent sorceresses are all much more terrifying in the classic tales than their modern Disney cousins.


How petty do you have to be to curse an innocent baby just because the royal family forgot to send you a dinner invitation? The recent Disney movies have tried to make Maleficent more sympathetic by adding extra twists to her character, but that very first witch from the book will always remain the petty old hag.

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2. Cinderella’s Stepmother

We all know the story about the crystal shoe, the pumpkin, and the loving family who’s always there to support Cinderella. Hah, as if! The stepmom was a real B and only cared about her own daughters, so when in the classic version of the story, the Prince was riding around trying to find the shoe’s rightful owner, mommy dearest chopped off her daughters’ heels and toes to make the slipper fit. That’s when the wild pigeons appeared and plucked out their eyes. Gotta love the gory ending!

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