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10 Disgusting Foods Westerners Enjoy Eating

I can’t claim that I’ve never eaten anything strange like a Hawaiian pizza or buckwheat with strawberry jam, but those dishes pale in comparison with some of the stuff you’re about to see. Some American dishes look pretty disgusting for a European, and I’m sure they have opinions about our delicious morsels too. Take, for example, their Jell-o salad or pickled pig feet! What century is this?

The bottom line is: Westerners enjoy eating some quite disgusting dishes, and we are here to judge them and cringe at their culinary preferences!

1. Spray Cheese

I love cheese, as I’m sure most people do. But how did this atrocity become one of the staples in American cuisine?

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2. Blood Sausage

Yes, I know that blood sausage is delicious with some sour cream on top, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal.

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3. Oysters

Let’s take this funny-smelling rock from the sea and eat it! – was it worth it? No, no it wasn’t. Oysters are disgusting.

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4. Liver

Our ancestors were using every single scrap of the animals they hunted, and that’s how the liver was introduced into our daily lives. You can do some amazing stuff with it, but it’s still icky.

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