Wednesday, January 26

10 Premature Celebration Fails

Remember the old saying “haste makes waste”? Turns out it can be applied to multiple life situations, not just to eating too fast. In sports, for example, you shouldn’t celebrate your victory before you win. I know, it’s kinda messed up that you need to explain to people something this obvious.As you’re about to see, some athletes and celebrities are just too good to finish the race or read the text properly, throwing their hands in a victorious pose instead, only to be humiliated a few seconds later. This short compilation of 10 premature celebration fails should teach you a good life lesson – it ain’t over till it’s over!

1. Tanguy Pepiot vs Meron SimonAny runner in the world will tell you that you cannot give up until the very finish line. And this is exactly why.

2. Moonlight vs La La LandLa La Land may have not won this Oscar, but they sure did try.3. Miss Universe 2016: Colombia and PhilippinesRegardless of whether Miss Columbia or Miss Philippines got the title – the real winners were the viewers.

4. Nick Young Celebrates Too Early | L.A. Lakers VSJeez, man, keep your eyes on the ball!

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