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11 Theories On Why Aliens Keep Avoiding Us

Whether you know about the Fermi Paradox or
not, it’s pretty strange that no alien civilization has contacted us yet.
According to Enrico Fermi there’s bound to be life in this vast Universe that
is billions of years old with billions of billions stars and planets, some of
which definitely support life in some form. Yet, here we are, all alone. This raises
some questions as to what is the reason we are kept in the dark about other
civilizations. Many theories were created trying to answer the centuries-old question
whether we are alone in the Universe or not. Here are some of the most potent

simply don’t overlap

Compared to the age of the Universe our
human civilization has existed mere seconds if not less. If this is the
lifespan of an intelligent civilization, chances are we simply don’t overlap
with other species as we are set apart in time and space by billions of light
years. We would need to evolve beyond imagination to be able scan large parts
of the Universe and travel through the space continuum in a matter of seconds
so that we could find those alien civilizations. That is before we destroy
ourselves, which is a sad, but probable scenario as of now!

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don’t meet their standards

We might think of ourselves as evolved
species, but we are no more than monkeys to some of those mighty alien
civilizations from other worlds. In that case they are simply not interested in
contacting us, spending their time observing us, examining, and maybe even
helping us one way or another by means of new technologies and scientific
discoveries. They might have been watching us for centuries!

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living inside the Matrix and aliens are not allowed

It’s a popular scenario stating that we
live inside the simulation created by some higher beings or a really badass AI
in order to harness our energy or whatever other reasons. From this point of
view things that will bring us closer to the truth are simply not allowed
inside the simulation, that’s why aliens aren’t contacting us, despite existing
in some other actual reality we don’t have access to. Of course, information
and images come through, but they are mere glitches in the system and we don’t
have any real evidence proving they exist.

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contacted us, but the government is hiding it

It’s one of the most popular conspiracies,
which doesn’t get any less potent with time. Things like Area 51 and the
infamous Roswell incident sparked people’s imagination and mistrust towards the
government. It’s easy to imagine that aliens have been in contact with us for
quite some time now, but people holding power decided to keep it a secret not
to cause mass hysteria or for other less noble reasons. Well, you know what?
We’ve been making so many sci-fi movies about aliens that literally no one will
even gasp if a huge spaceship lands in the middle of New York!

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