Wednesday, January 26

12 Types Of Cats That Will Make You Smile

What simile would you employ to stress the uniqueness of a thing or a person? Let me guess. As unique as your fingerprints? As unique as a snowflake? True. True. However, I suggest a new one: as unique as a cat. Simply because each of our feline friends (as we, silly human idiots, would like and expect them to be) have a distinctive personality of their own. Actually so distinctive that it’s quite a challenging task to find a pair of two-peas-in-a-pod meowsers.

Lingvistov, a duo of Russian doodlers, arrived at a marvelous idea to classify the all-inclusive variety of tabbies and visualize the subclasses of home tigers through hilarious and so-true illustrations. After months of extensive research, tons of tumbleweeds of feline fur rolling across the floor, and hundreds of scratches on their arms, they came up with 12 types of cats – a noble contribution to the Internet’s admiration of purrers.

What is your kitty’s temper? Does it perfectly represent one of the following types? Or is it rather a combination of ‘useless douche’ and ‘little shit?’ Take a look at the illustrations accompanied with short pieces of info to understand little balls of fur better.

Monster MuncherFavorite excuses: “I didn’t go to the gym today because I got stuck in the cat door.”Creative Wallpapers to Cover Up Your Cracked Phone Screen

Little ShitFavorite quote: “Why? Because f*** you, that’s why!”Creative Wallpapers to Cover Up Your Cracked Phone Screen

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