Wednesday, January 26

12 Weird Candle Scents That Ought To Scare You

There are times in our lives when we come across a good idea. And then there are moments when the idea reaches levels of pure genius. The list we are about to show you belongs in neither category. Yes, my friends, we’re talking about weird candle scents that should make you question our Candle-Making Overlord’s sanity. Sure, I could think of a few candle scent ideas that are probably more insane. In fact, I will. How about pepperoni pizza? Or mermaid with a case of the crabs? Brand new filthy blanket? Okay, I stole that joke from The Simpsons. Anyway, here are 12 candle scents that ought to scare you as well as the mind-altering substance that the inventor must have been on.

1. BeardWhat it probably smells like: bacon and beerMind-altering substance: Jack Daniels

Best Bird Box Memes

2. WeddingWhat it probably smells like: Very fishyMind-altering substance: The baby on the way

Best Bird Box Memes

3. Divorce PapersWhat it probably smells like: Irreconcilable differencesMind-altering substance: Money

Best Bird Box Memes

4. Margarita TimeWhat it probably smells like: A margarita, more than likelyMind-altering substance: Work-related stress

Best Bird Box Memes

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