Wednesday, January 26

15 Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

The biggest
Christian holiday is upon us! Only a few weeks from now you’ll
probably be watching “Home Alone” or “It’s a Wonderful
Life,” neatly tucked in with your significant other or three
cats, celebrating Christmas. At that moment, a wild thought may
spring to your mind: “hey, let’s take a family photo and send it
to all my relatives and friends!”

What sounded like
a good idea at the time, was, in reality, one of the worst things you
could ever do. I mean, if you’re unironically doing a whole
photoshoot with your family members being all happy and joyful, just
keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to see your happiness on

However, if
you’re doing it for the kicks and have a funny idea in mind, share
that goodness with the world! Even if it’s cringe-worthy, no,
especially if
it’s cringe-worthy, you gotta show everyone just how nuts you are, so
we know you’re actually normal. It’s counter-intuitive, but it works,
trust me.

Here are some
great examples of hilarious Christmas photos for you!

Why are only mom and dad in the hot tub?

That was the Christmas when Bobo found out he was adopted.

Oh, honey, everyone knows Santa does not play backsies.

What a great-looking family! That cat looks weird, though.

Two fancy men and their master.

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