Wednesday, January 26

25 Hilarious 2021 Inauguration Day Memes

It finally happened! The “land of the free” is free again now that Donald Trump is no longer protected by the presidential immunity. On January 19, the whole world was watching with excitement as the 45th president of the United States stepped down from his post and moved out of the White House to make room for the new POTUS. After placing his hand on the Bible, the 78-year-old Joe Biden took an oath of allegiance to the American people and became the oldest president in US history. Due to the COVID situation, Biden’s inauguration was a bit stiff, but we got a great show despite all the security and other precautions.

For some reason, even days after the big event, people are still talking about fashion choices, but not Biden’s or JLo’s style. This time it was Bernie freaking Sanders’s old winter jacket and knitted mittens, turning the Vermont senator into a fresh new meme on the Internet (#BernieMittens). But of course, aside from Bernie, there were other memorable moments during the inauguration. Let’s take a look at the 25 most hilarious inauguration day memes!

1.The bird, the clothes, the hair – I volunteer! Where is Katniss when you need her?

2.You know the Internet will notice every last detail, right? That’s a rookie mistake, Jared, but we’re still laughing.

3.Trump getting stuck in the Negative Zone is every Democrat’s wet dream.

4.Did you notice that Barron was nowhere to be found during the event?

5.New people living in his house and the parents are gone? That’s the best Home Alone experience Barron will ever have.

6.Let’s hope the Sticky Bandits won’t be visiting this time. Oh, that’s right, they took off already!

7. Hey, you. You’re finally awake. Were you trying to practice social distancing too?

8.Bernie will never turn a blind eye to America’s problems.

9.Michael Scott is a bit like Trump, right? Only, he means well.

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