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8 Dark Realities About Being Single

Being single is so
great, am I right? No Significant Other to whine about how you never
take him/her out anywhere anymore. You save a whole lot of money on
dinners and trips to the cinema. And don’t get me started on the
in-laws that you would be forced to visit on holidays! Why can’t
they just mind their own business? Anyway, while not feeling chained
to somebody might feel liberating for a while, eventually you will
discover that there are a lot of terrible things associated with not
being in a committed relationship. Here’s a look at eight dark
realities about singlehood, if you dare!

1.You Will Die
Much, Much Earlier

It has been found
that the key to a longer life is to be in a stable marriage. And a
vape-free lifestyle. On the flipside, people who are single can
expect to die very young. In fact, a recent Harvard University study
found that the average life expectancy of a lonely individual who
never finds love is only around 35, compared to 75 years for married
couples! Pretty scary stuff, eh? Fortunately, I’m completely making
this up. I’m just checking to see that you’re paying attention.
Now let’s continue…

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2. Shadow Puppets
Are No Substitute For Real Love

One evening you turn
off all the lights in the room except for a desk lamp. Whoa! It’s
like a spotlight! You’re suddenly struck by a flash of inspiration
and the result is a shadow puppet show. Using your hands, you are
able to create all sorts of different images. Rabbits! Wolves! Goats!
They are cute! They are entertaining! You can do this these shadow
puppet shows for hours upon hours on end. But you quickly learn that
they don’t compensate for a real relationship. Being single really
sucks, guys. 🙁

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3. You Find
Yourself Wanting to Snack on the Bus Driver

You live in a big
city and have opted to use public transport instead of driving a car
to work. That’s quite commendable! If only you were as determined
to find a mate as you are about saving the environment. Here’s the
thing: the days go by and you’re still without a partner, the daily
weekday commutes with a bus driver named Rusty behind the wheel will
become the highlight of your romantic life. No ring on his finger
either. You will yearn to stroke his greying mustache and polish his
shiny, bald head. He’ll be a tad on the portly side, but what’s a
few extra pounds in the scheme of things? You will snap out of this
fantasy soon enough, but the fact that you even took the time to
daydream about him shows just how far you will have sunk.

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