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8 Mythical Creatures That Just Might Actually Exist

Skeptical of the
existence of the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and the goat-sucking El
Chupacabra? Fair enough. But keep an open mind and tell yourself that
nothing is impossible in this life. In fact, we have identified 8
mysterious and supposedly fictitious creatures from folklore for
which there is at least some credible evidence that they might be
real. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be persuaded!

Jersey Devil

The legend: 300
years ago in what is now the state of New Jersey, a baby – cursed
because it was the family’s 13th child – was born. After killing
its mother and the midwife, it flew off into the darkness and has
been stirring up trouble ever sense. New Jersey is known as the
armpit of America for reasons geographically, metaphorically and if
we’re being honest, literally. So it makes perfect sense that if
some kind of nightmarish winged creature with horns and a horse-like
head exists, the Garden State is precisely where it would call home.

The proof: In
1909, police officers in the city of Camden claimed to have spotted
the Jersey Devil and even fired their guns at it.

The odds that it
actually exists:
13%. Those Camden cops were total liars.

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Winged Alpaca
Unicorn of Lviv

The legend:
Back in 2015, after eating a stale cookie that had been in the cookie
jar for who knows how long, a resident of Lviv, Ukraine looked out
their apartment window and discovered a majestic creature in the
courtyard that resembled Vicugna pacos, the beloved South American
alpaca. However, it also possessed a few unusual characteristics,
including pink wool, wings, and a unicorn’s horn. Impressive

The proof: A
photo that definitely was not photoshopped.

The odds that it
actually exists:
99%. However, the psychedelic properties of that
stale cookie leave room for some very slight doubt.

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Skunk Ape

The legend:
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, people in North Carolina, Arkansas and
Florida had reported seeing a hideous, foul-smelling apelike humanoid
creature walking about on four legs. Florida seemed to be the place
where it was most commonly found, which makes perfect sense because,
of course, Florida. The mysterious dude goes by several aliases
including Swampsquatch, Louisiana Bigfoot (presumably the Floridian
monster’s cajun cousin) stink ape, swamp cabbage man, and so on and
so forth.

The proof:
Grainy camera footage. So, yeah.

The odds that it
actually exists:
1%. Floridians bang to the beat of a different

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