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8 TikTok Challenges You Should Try

Tik Tok is the ultimate social media at this
point. If you’re a teen you’re all over it, if you’re older
you’re grappling with the idea of whether you should be on TikTok
cause you feel out of place and super old, but at the same time you
love it and you gotta keep up. We get it, it’s a strange app. Some
compare it to Vine (rip) but say it’s not as good. Others use it
simply to do TikTok dances. There’s a lot of vanity on TikTok too,
all of that lipsyncing can really get to you. But it’s evolving
every day. There are TikTok makeup tutorials, TikTok recipes and
TikTok sketch comedy, we’re pretty sure that if you spend a little
while on the app you’ll find your own niche there and get sucked
into this weird world of filters and effects like the rest of us. But
our favourite thing about TikTok so far are the challenges. So let’s
take a look at the top 10 TikTok challenge.

Flip The Switch

You’ve all seen
this challenge. It’s the one where you play the song Nonstop by
Drake and when he says “I just flipped the switch” you switch
places and clothes with whoever you’re doing the TikTok with. And
let’s just say J Lo’s version is possibly the best one out there.


Wait for it…7 Deadly Epidemics of the Past7 Deadly Epidemics of the Past @arod13

♬ Nonstop – Drake

2. Uno – Little Big

Little Big who
was going to represent Russia at Eurovision also started a challenge
of TikTok, but obviously this was before the whole worldwide
pandemic. Now Eurovision is basically cancelled but you can still do
the dance, we’ve got nothing better to do with our time.


Support us on Eurovision! Join to ##unovisionchallenge | @ba.bich_ @mahavsekupleno @mimimizhka @anastasia_yseeva_17 @danya_milokhin @dream_team_house

♬ UNO – Little Big

3. Couple Challenge

You get your
boyfriend or girlfriend, close your eyes and listen to a set of
questions and points in order to answer who the answer applies to. No
peeking, them’s the rules. It’s always fun to see what each of you
thinks and if you remember things the same way. Again J Lo is the
queen of challenges.


What do you think?! 7 Deadly Epidemics of the Past ##CouplesChallenge

♬ my girlfriend is cuter – samhanscom3

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