Wednesday, January 26

9 Absolute Worst Foods for Digestion

Nutritionists have compiled a list of the most difficult foods to digest, causing bloating, diarrhea, and some other awkward and, at times, painful side effects. This list includes not only well-known gut abusers, but also some seemingly useful vegetables.

So which foods are the hardest for our stomachs to digest?

1. Chocolate and ice cream

Chocolate contains bountiful amounts of caffeine and oils, while ice cream has milk and animal fats. When combined, these two ingredients become very difficult for the body to digest. The caffeine problem also applies to coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc., so be careful what you’re consuming.

2. Onion and garlic

While both onion and garlic are good for the immune system and have antiviral and antibacterial properties, this fantastic duo is a real pain to digest. They irritate the mucous membrane layer of the stomach and lead to thundering flatulence.

3. Fried food

Fried foods take the most time and resources for the body to process fully. For example, fried meat chunks, like a classic kebab, will get fully digested after about three whole days. But the most taxing thing for the body to process is fatty foods fried in vegetable oil. That’s a double whammy for your gut.

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