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9 Awesome Marvel Characters Who Need Their Own TV Series

MCU has been doing quite well in the movie department, but their TV series always felt like unloved children. While I do love all the Netflix Marvel shows, as well as Agents of Shield, Cloak and Dagger, and The Runaways, they just don’t feel welcome in the MCU. This has been bothering people since Daredevil first came out on Netflix. But about a year or two ago Disney announced that they’ll be creating their own streaming service with blackjack and princesses and it’s called … Disney+. Not the most original name but whatever. With Disney+ on the horizon, we can finally dream about an interconnected universe. They’ve already announced like ten Marvel shows, including such comic book icons like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. So in addition to all that, let’s see who else would be fun to see on the small screen.Here are 9 awesome Marvel characters who need their own TV series!

1. Sentry

Don’t you want to see a Superman in Marvel? That’s basically who Sentry is, but there’s a catch and a big one at that: he’s completely insane! This dude’s personality has split into a regular guy Robert Reynolds, the Sentry, and the Void. You can probably figure out which of his alter egos is troublesome. He beat the World-Breaker Hulk, torn Ares the God of War in half, and did a lot of other crazy stuff in the multiverse. A perfect balance of omnipotence and despair wrapped in a superheroic package.

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2. Squirrel Girl

Speaking of crazy, have you ever talked to squirrels? And did they answer? Maybe you’re a Squirrel Person too! All jokes aside, SG is one of the quirkiest modern superheroes. Not only can she communicate with the cute little rodents, but she can also order them around. Plus she’s super strong and agile… Did you know she was able to beat Galactus with nothing but kindness?

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3. Wonder Man

First of all, Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, has nothing to do with “Wonder Woman”. He’s not some knockoff, he’s a real Avenger! A show with him would be amazing because in his day-to-day life he’s an actor, but when duty calls, he can shoot, fly, and super-punch any fool dumb enough to get caught. Can you imagine all the movie-making meta jokes? I’d pay to see that!

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