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9 Most Bizarre Farms on the Planet

A picturesque rural landscape, spacious enclosures for the livestock, and a cozy farmhouse with — this is what millions of people imagine when they hear the word “farm.” They have no idea how diverse farms can be. Genetically modified animals, coffee plantations covered in elephant dung, and a bunch of bugs — these and many other kinds of farms can be found all over the world. Let’s see what else is out there!

1. Spider-goat farm, USA

At the University of Utah, there’s a goat farm where the animals are being fed, cared for, and milked. Sounds like a regular old farm, right? Well, the only odd thing about this farm is that the local goats have been genetically enhanced — they have been grafted with the spider gene, which now allows them to produce silk along with their milk.

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2. Black Ivory Coffee Farm, Thailand

The exclusive Black Ivory coffee is well known to many fans of the “black bean soup,” but not everyone knows where and how it is produced. The farm that produces coffee beans is located in Thailand, so you already know the elephants are involved somehow. In fact, these gigantic animals play a key role in the production of this elite coffee brand. The elephants eat the coffee beans and, after a while, poop them out. One kilo of this fancy coffee costs about $1,000.

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3. Leech Farm, UK

Despite how advanced modern medicine is, leeches are still incredibly important. The farm is not the most pleasant environment to work in, but it pays good money and helps people. Swansea Farm’s clients include health centers and hospitals from all over Europe, and the farm supplies them with about 60,000 leeches every year, netting over 1 million GBP annually.

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring Flowers on the First Date

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