Wednesday, January 26

Matching Your Facemask and Tie Is The New Pandemic Trend

Dad’s have a particular taste when it comes to fashion, and by that, we mean that a lot of the time it almost feels like as soon as a man becomes a dad he makes up a uniform for himself and sticks to it no matter what. It’s as if some men want to be identified by that dad look from miles away. Those looks usually include sock and sandals, a dad hat and of course some cargo shorts. But then there are dads like Steve Montgomery. Steve lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA and he’s gone viral thanks to his daughter tweeting pictures of him.

Apparently, Steve has a thing for matching looks, he’s proud of it and it’s what people at work have come to expect of him. To Steve it just makes sense to wear matching things, it makes his whole look more intentional and coordinated and he thinks that’s neat. In fact, he encourages his colleagues to do the same and will often criticize people for failing to wear matching items.

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