Wednesday, January 26

People Famous For Things They Didn’t Do

famous probably isn’t as comfortable as everyone claims. Everyone
knows who you are, everyone watches your every move. Some people can
reach a level of fame that makes their name transcend time itself,
being known by many generations after their death. Usually this is
because they did something truly unique in their lives.

what if you’re famous for something you didn’t do? That must
suck, right? Enjoy these examples below.


Jackson didn’t actually invent his iconic
. In fact, many people used it
before MJ turned it into one of the most recognizable moves in modern
dance. Even James Brown – who can hardly be called anonymous –
had moonwalked before Michael attempted it.

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you hate the Pythagorean theorem,
you don’t hate Pythagoras: he never invented it. History shows that
the theorem was known and widely used almost 1000 years before
Pythagoras was even born.

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