Wednesday, January 26

Super-Expressive Rainbow Hairstyles By Snegga

Therapists recommend that people periodically add a splash of something bright and colorful into their lives. This little trick allows us to keep away the boring everyday routine without going fully nuts. Some people ditch their diet and start a weekend of gluttony, while others go to their favorite hairdresser and order everything on everything with all the colors they have in stock.

This is where Snezhanna Vinichenko, aka Snegga, the rainbow hairstylist from Russia, comes in with her boundless imagination and skillful hands. The best word to describe what she can do to her clients’ hair is… Photoshopped? No, seriously, I’ve only seen such colorful hairdos in a handful of anime and while combing through Google pictures. And let me jump ahead and tell you that none of the people you’re about to see are CGI, drawn, or in any way altered. They’re 100% legit, and if you really want to do a similar operation on your own luscious hair, you’re in luck! If you join her practical courses on Instagram, you’ll get the necessary knowledge in just a few lessons. And if you don’t feel like paying her, there’s always the good old “trial and error” method.

But enough talking, let’s see some colors!

1. Here’s Snezhanna herself with a full head or rainbows.

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2. So pretty and so colorful Karen cut!

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3. Unicorn dreadlocks? That’s a first.

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4. Now this, this will definitely turn some heads.

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