Wednesday, January 26

Tattoo Artist Makes Awesome Flowers Blossom On Your Skin

We can tell you’re a big fan of crazy tattoo designs. Otherwise, why would you click on this article, right? So let us tell you about the stunning works of Esther Garcia from Chicago . She adores nature and tries to incorporate plants-like designs into her tattoos, such as gorgeous flowers and fields of grass emerging from the dead of night.

course, it wouldn’t be fun to stop at leaves, vines, and petals.
That’s why Garcia’s tattoos also depict butterflies, cute fish, and
birds, which further enhances the wow effect. No mortal person will
be able to avert their eyes when they see these fantastical designs.

used to lend her skills to help people cover up their bad tattoos,
like the names of their exes, horribly tattoed faces, and other
unholy abominations. But now this turned into her specialty, and
anyone can do it for the right coin.

a glance at some of Garcia’s magnificent works below!

Beautiful flowers blossoming in the night.

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Tiny little birds perching on a branch.

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