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Tattoo Trends That Are On The Rise In 2020

If you love tattoos you probably have been faced with a question of “what tattoo to get first” and then swiftly followed by “which one should I get next?”, because once you start it’s hard to stop at just one tattoo. The process of picking a tattoo style is difficult enough as it is, and picking a specific design can feel like an impossible task. There is so much variety out there and literally endless possibilities, but which one is perfect specifically for you? Some people choose their tattoos based on trends, others go for the special meaning that makes the tattoos very personal, and some just go for the tattoos that they find beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and don’t really worry about the meaning or trends too much. But just in case you do care about the trends, or perhaps need some sort of inspiration and guidance here are tattoo trends for 2020.

1. Thoughtful Tattoo Planning

One of the biggest emerging trends for 2020 is planning out big tattoo projects that will take up a large porting of one’s body. People are moving away from the idea of starting out with just a few small tattoos and collecting them one at a time and are instead thinking of the big picture and carefully planning out sleeves or full-body suits of tattoos.

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2. Peekaboo Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming very popular and people aren’t that worried about having them be visible, so they choose placements that are not always hidden but also not always on show. We call these peekaboo tattoos, which are often off center and generally flattering to the body part they’re on. This could be the back of the arm above the elbow or on the collarbone or shoulder. They’re easy enough to show off but can also be covered up if you want to.

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3. Neck and Face Tattoos

Since tattoos are now part of our daily life and are no longer viewed as something that only criminals have, people are more likely to get them on very visible areas. It used to be that only people who went to prison sported face and neck tattoos, and you’d hear horror stories from your parents about how you’ll never get a job if you have a neck or face tattoo, but it’s becoming more common now, to the point where musicians and even models get neck and face tattoos. Also, permanent makeup is a kind of face tattoo, isn’t it? And that’s at the height of popularity at the moment, with people getting their eyebrows microbladed, getting blush tattoos on their lips and tattooing freckles on their faces.

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