Wednesday, January 26

The Many Faces Of Nicolas Cage

15 Selfies That Went To The EXTREMENicolas Cage is an icon in Hollywood. But now the famous actor has gone beyond that and became a pop-culture phenomenon. So it’s not surprising that the crazy whacky guy became a meme and the latest face-swap trend keeps rolling like a snowball to the point that Mr. Cage is ABSOLUTELY everywhere. Sure, the guy’s been in a whole lotta movies, but the fans have taken it to another level. We have to say that obviously the people who cram his face into every movie character ever have too much free time on their hands. That doesn’t make these Photoshopped photos any less funny, though. So buckle up and gaze upon the brilliance of the national treasure of the USA that Nicolas Cage is. These pictures are gonna make you laugh to the point of crying

15 Selfies That Went To The EXTREMEThere’s only one hero who can stop the greedy Giovanni Ribisi from killing off the Na’vi! And it’s Nicolas Cage

15 Selfies That Went To The EXTREMEIf the Prince had seen this sleeping beauty, he’d probably just walk away

15 Selfies That Went To The EXTREMEWant a really menacing villain? Deprive Nicolas Cage of his nose and here you have it

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