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The Oldest Monarchies in The World

aren’t the most popular form of government in our current day and age, mostly
because this automatically means that your next head of state is just going to
be, well, the child of your current one. There’s very little democracy
involved. As a result, most current kings and queens have had their status
reduced to something a bit more ceremonial than what you’d expect from a
president, for example.

countries – mostly in Europe – still swear by a monarchy, so let’s take a look
at some countries that have held true to that form of government for the
longest time.


Germany isn’t very fond of monarchs, Denmark has had a king or queen since 935
AD. In true Scandinavian fashion, they’ve sworn by the monarchy ever since.
Their current monarch is queen Margrethe II, who somehow decided that naming
the heir of a country “Frederik” was a good idea.

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This is one
of the very oldest monarchies in the world, starting as early as 788 AD. Their
monarch has only been called a “King” since 1957 however – they’ve had a
plethora of other titles before that. They current king is Mohammed VI, who
will one day leave his country to his son, Prince Moulay Hassan.

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Assuming we
take the unification of Great Britain as the cutoff date, this kingdom has been
going strong since 1066. In terms of political influence and power, it’s safe
to say that the Queen is probably the most powerful monarch in our current
time. We know who the current Queen is, because Elizabeth II has been the Queen
of England for over 65 years now. Let that sink in for a while.

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