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Top 10 Most Famous Female Racers of All Time

If you ponder for a minute, you’ll notice that there are very few professional female racers out there. Did you know that in the entire history of Formula 1, only five women participated in the race? In the end, it doesn’t matter how many women dedicated their lives to the fast, adrenaline-filled racing, as all of them had amazing skills, which they then put to good use to become the best of the best.Here are the top 10 most famous female racers.

1. Maria Teresa de Filippis

The very first girl in the history of Formula 1 appeared eight years after the race was established. She participated in five Grand Prix, and in one of them managed to reach the finish line in 10th place driving under Maserati.

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2. Susie Wolff

Driving under Williams F1, Susie Wolff is the most recent female in Formula 1 at the moment. It happened in 2014 at the British Grand Prix.

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3. Simona de Silvestro

Anyone can tell you that the success of the racers largely depends on which team they are playing for. Promising stars get great offers, but women are usually not accepted into the big-league teams. For example, after joining a strong team, Simona started finishing in the top three! Too bad she didn’t do well in Formula 1.

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4. Giovanna Amati

Since childhood, Giovanna has been attracted to danger. Despite being born in a wealthy family, she was fond of motorcycle racing, and when she was 15, she bought her first motorcycle. A few years later Amati graduated from a racing school. She took part in Formula 1, Formula 3000, Formula Abarth many times, but with consistently average results.

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