Wednesday, January 26

Top 9 Most Bizarre Places to Get Married

A wedding is a special event for those who decide to take their relationship to a new level and bind their souls in holy matrimony. Some do big weddings. Others can’t afford to waste thousands of dollars on feeding a cohort of relatives and friends. And then there are couples who wish to celebrate their union in a unique, unforgettable way.
Here they are – 9 most bizarre places to get married!

1. At the horse racetrack

Sandown Park (England), the largest track and venue for the most famous horse races, is a rather strange place for a wedding ceremony. But this couple decided to tie their knot right here, on the field. Can I get a neigh-men?

2. In zero gravity

The couple, who had a wedding with zero gravity in 2009, became known as space enthusiasts. The Zero-G wedding took place in a Boeing 727, where most of the guests were dressed up to the occasion, the bride had cute earrings in the shape of planet Earth, and the groom wore little rockets for cufflinks.

3. On airplane wings

This couple from Wales decided to say “I do” while standing on top of a biplane. They figured, “why not?” after they won the wing-walking competition. They’re lucky to be alive!

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