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Top 9 Scariest Haunted Castles in Europe

It’s a cold and rainy November night. You’re entering a spooky-looking castle to hide from the downpour. Creaking floors, doors slowly opening, strange noises coming from the attic… Who’s there? Probably just the wind. Or a stray cat. Will you be brave enough to spend the night here?Many people love visiting old castles and haunted mansions. Perhaps this is due to their Gothic charm or atmosphere, which takes visitors back to the time of knights and wizards. Or maybe it’s more about the tragic stories of the former inhabitants of these castles and how they keep haunting the unsuspecting youth.Forget about charming fairytale castles from your dreams – these dark medieval buildings will draw out your most horrifying nightmares!

1.Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle will make even the most avid skeptics believe in the supernatural. Among the spirits that like to spook the visitors, there is a ghost of a dog frolicking in the cemetery on foggy nights, a headless drummer haunting the corridors, and the ghost of Lady Glamis, burned at stake for witchcraft in 1537. Not so long ago, researchers conducted a major experiment. 240 volunteers, none of whom had any knowledge about the history of Edinburgh Castle, spent ten days here. Later, the participants spoke about similar events – including the touch of invisible creatures and the ghost in a leather apron. I want to believe!

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2.Leap Castle, Ireland

They say that a little girl named Emily fell from the high wall of the castle and crashed at the beginning of the XVII century, but did not leave this world just yet. Aside from little Emily, there is a terrifying creature with black eyes – half-sheep, half-human. There is a “bloody chapel” in the castle, where the priest was killed by his brother and the “stone bag” – an underground cell, where people sentenced to death were imprisoned.

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3.Brissac Castle, France

At first glance, the castle in Brissac is a romantic and charming place. But you will quickly find out that the tormented spirits of the former residents are less than hospitable. Jacques and Charlotte lived in this beautiful castle in the XI century. Charlotte was not the most loyal wife and had many affairs with younger men. She did not even try to hide her boy-toys from her husband, who unsurprisingly got tired of it one day. Some say that he pierced the lovers with a sword while they were sleeping, others – that he strangled his wife in the tower of the chapel. In any case, no one has ever seen Charlotte or her gentleman ever again.

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